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Satkav Communications Enterprises is a flexible and nimble Telecommunication organization, which deals with; Sales, Installations, Maintenance and Repairs of;  Satellite Systems, such as; DSTV, HD PVR, MYTV, GOTV, NILESAT and FREE TO AIR.  Humidity Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance and Security systems, such as; HDMR,  Indoor and Outdoor cameras.  Intercom Hybrid Systems Telephone box extensions, such as; 8, 16, 24, 48 up to 500 etc.  Solar/Inverter Electricity Supply systems, such as 1KVA, 1.5KVA, 2.5KVA up to 10KVA etc.  Electrical Wiring for buildings, such as; Half Conduits, Full Conduits.  Electronics such as; LED SCREENS, Home Theater Hi-fi Sound systems, DVD players etc. <

Company Backround/Genesis

The Satkav Communications Enterprises has been in existence since 1997, with activities mainly to supply, install, maintain and repair satellite television receivers/decoders, CCTV security equipment, intercom system, solar energy systems and general electronics. Some years back the company has fabricated fiberglass (90cm, 2.4 meters, and 3 meters) satellite dishes for interested individuals. Currently, we are looking at expanding and reviving our scope of operation with a new innovation to curb the challenge of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria-powering electrical appliances with the solar energy for effective and efficient usage. The CCTV security surveillance systems and intercom systems can be powered by this solar solution to maintain a constant and effective surveillance of the environment with less cost. This idea came about when the CEO in company of his executive assistant attended an entrepreneurial seminar organized by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The innovation came after series of ponderings of what to do to expand and enlarge Satkav Communications Enterprises. We decided to deal in the installations, maintenance and repair of systems that will enhance constant surveillance of the environment because of the security threats in Nigeria and to fabricate portable and durable fiberglass satellite dishes to take the place of old-fashioned and less durable pan satellite dishes.
Here at Satkav Communications, our VISION prioritizes the comfort and security of homes/offices, curbingthe menace of criminal acts at all levels by rendering unflinching services to our customers. As our MISSION is to ensure that every home/office gets quality entertainment and adequate security that will earn increased productivity at work, making homes interesting and assure a well secured environmentat large. At SatkavCommunications we render quality services to several Organizations which include; Homes, Corporate Organizations, Government agencies, Hospitals, Schools etc.“Quality service for clients” is our company’s corporate philosophy. We always give our best in giving the best products, best services to each customer, and create a win-win cooperation situation. We would love to have you as one of our favourite clients as we promise to deliver quality services in an efficient and effective manner which will give you the correct value for your money. Kindly find out more about our goods and quality services in the track record section. Satkav Communications functions actively on the market since 1997. During 20-year activity we developed from a small, unknown firm into a company employing about 20 people that is a leader on the market of telecommunication enterprises. We render our services each day to over 1000 companies located most of all in office blocks, residences, and shopping centres in Nigeria. Each of our client is handled individually. We prepare an offer specially tailored to his/her needs and expectations. Apart from the basic array of services we are ready to satisfy even the most specific expectations/wishes of our clients. The main area of the company’s activity is providing comprehensive telecommunication and hardware repair first of all in office blocks and commercial buildings. We base our services on modern technologies and systems of the leading manufacturers. We don’t limit ourselves to provide the service, but we also support our clients from the beginning and through the whole activity time – we help to solve problems and explain telecommunication and hardware repair questions which are often new to the clients. We also offer sales and supply of telecommunication infrastructure (Airconditioners, Electronic shelves)/ general electronics (Televisions/Flat Screens), (Electricity make up devices) in a building. Our maintenance team is a great asset as they are able to identify a problem and repair a defect in very short time (up to 4 hours). We answer to our clients’ new needs on a current basis when we quickly take actions (for example; connect ne lines). Satkav communications takes care of as-built documentation and as the only company introduces later changes, thanks to which documents are kept in order for the whole operation of a facility. What can be found in our offer: Sales, Delivery, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs of our products and services Satkav Communications may as a response to demand sell, deliver, install, maintain, and repair the above products and services mentioned above. We are the sole distributor for Polystar products in Ondo State and its environs. Telecommunication Maintenance We take over the responsibility for maintenance during the warrantee given, we identify defects and quickly and effectively tackle the problem with the help of our engineers. We guarantee short times repair as well as connection of new or additional supplies. Nonetheless, often times we enter into maintenance agreement with our clients. Timeliness Satkav communications hold individual negotiations with clients in order to choose the needed products and services, and dates of service delivery so that everything is ready before a given facility opens. Rendering services in a timely fashion is our main quality. Individual approach to clients Every client is approached individually, so that his needs may be taken into consideration and an appropriate model of cooperation developed. Every Satkav communications client have the opportunity of reaching our engineers and their needs met.
SATELLITE SYSTEMS: You can see the whole world through Satellite TV receiving systems. Out in space, at about thirty-six kilometers above the Earth’s equator there are various satellite that beam down Television programmes. Some with subscriptions others are free to air (requires no subscription), they all offer unparalleled choice in News, Sports, Music, Movies, Fashions, Gospel Channels and Children programmes. CLOSE CIRCUIT TELEVISION (CCTV) SYSTEMS:This is widely used in the developed country for surveillance and security measures. It records videos and capture pictures of live events in a place. It can also playback unobserved activities through the use of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Humidity Cameras are placed at strategic points of interest. INTERCOM HYBRID SYSTEMS: Telephone box extensions all interconnected into a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) which performs all the switching necessary for making internal calls between extensions within an organizations.This system is used to bridge communication gaps in an office, home or corporate environment, i.e. a set of devices providing telephone lines to operate credit card terminals and telephone connections. It enables tenants, office users to communicate with one another for free. SOLAR/INVERTER ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SYSTEMS: Such as 1KVA, 1.5KVA, 2.5KVA up to 10KVA. Battery backup inverters are designed to draw energy from a battery, manage the battery charge via an onboard charger, and export electrical energy to the utility grid. Solar Inverter converts Direct Current (DC) output of a solar panel into a useful Alternating Current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid. ELECTRICAL WIRING FOR BUILDINGS: Such as; Half Conduits, Full Conduits. Installing electrical outlets, wiring a light switch, wiring a ceiling fan etc. Lack of wiring plan for electrical gadgets while building the house is one of the reasons why wires mess up with a house d├ęcor. ELECTRONICS: Such as; LED, LCDTV SCREENS various sizes, Home Theater Hi-fi Sound systems, DVD players etc.
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